Here are a few recent pictures of lil Ike! I wish I had some stats to update you all on… but I don’t… um… he’s now in his 3-6mo clothes, right on time. So strange having an average sized baby after Jameson. We love all his chubby rolls and his great expressions, enjoy them yourself!

Jameson’s cars give him plenty of detail to inspect…. in this pic it looks like that Tonka Tow Truck could poke his little eye out but it’s just an optical illusion, actually about 4in away from him…


Thank you for a great birthday! Thank you, Hubby, for the birthday song at 5am on our way to the airport. Thank you, sons, for sleeping in. Thank you, Beth and Caleb, for dropping some sweetness by in your surprise visit, chocolaty goodness and beautiful flowers. Thank you, Blythe, Magnus and Gunnar, for birthday lunch at the park and great fellowship in beautiful weather. Thank you, sons, AGAIN for a easy nap time. Thank you, Randi, for showin’ me the ropes at the buying club. Thank you, Annie, for being up for playing with us, even though we never made it… Thank you, Chick-A-Fil, for your yummy birthday dinner and keeping my boys happy. Thank you, Buzz Lightyear, for making my evening peaceful and humorous. Thank you, sons, AGAIN for easy smell-good bath and going to bed times. Thank you, Lord, ALWAYS for Your goodness to me another year, 26 of them now, and I pray that I grow to glorify You more in the next one!

I’ve come to terms with the fact that Isaac simply takes his best naps while being held. (See pictures below) So if I want to enjoy his better sleep at night, I just need to endure at least one good loooong nap a day… so I’m learning… THIS picture shows how I do so. Right now Isaac has been asleep in this carrier for two hours. TWO hours is a very long nap for Isaac. AND I’m still able to have a very productive nap time… Thank You, Moby-D creator/designer/seller! HE loves and I love it!

Isaac says, “Why would I ever sleep anywhere else?”

We took the family down to the Balloon Glow at Waterfront Park right on the Ohio river. This balloon glow is not to be mistaken for the one that we go to every fall, this one is part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. It is much smaller but we still had a great time!

Isaac loves him some momma… he stayed awake for about 10min, then decided that he was too cool for the whole deal and passed out.

Jameson loved the “big bigs” as he called them and pulled our fingers around the entire lot of thirteen balloons. The Brainard’s enjoyed the fun with us as well. Sweet Hannah put up with it all, even though it was past her bedtime!

Our lovely Louisville and all the fun! This was taken over on the Indiana side, which is something david does regularly since it’s so easy to hop on over!

Cheesy Big Bro

Easter Boys

Love my boys!

And then somebody didn’t want his picture taken…

… and he’s outta here folks! Ultimate pouty face, huh? We treat him so unjustly!

I love love love keeping many of the Old Testament ceremonies fresh on my mind by observing God-given specialties like the Passover. This was our second Passover dinner in KY and while spending it with the Marshmans last year was great, it was even greater this year to share it with our son! Like all of the Old Testament feasts, Passover teaches us so much about Christ; why He came, how to love Him better, how great it will be when He returns!, ect. Including Jameson in our feast really exemplified the purpose of the feasts, to pass on the greatness of God’s history and plan for his people to the next generation! One of the greatest callings of parenthood is teaching our children about all of God’s greatness, from the beginning of time until today. I encourage all believers to delve into what some may call the mere shadows and see the light of Christ and all of God’s glory!


he wanted more "cracker" with "cheese" (Matza and horseradish)

When I was prego with Ike I was somewhat anxious about being a mother of two. At the same timee. Together.

For me, other than prayer and the truth of God’s provision, a means of coping came through blog-stalking other moms with two kids, especially those who had just entered the realm of mothering two. I would read each blog-post carefully, looking for signs of stress, lack of sleep and overall difficulty in raising two kiddos. These are all things I had expected to meet and I wanted to know how other mommas were handling it.

Fast forward to today. Me. Mother of two. Me, mother of two versus the grocery store and Sam’s Club. This morning’s events are quite comical in my opinion and give a great insight to life with two… for any of you stalkers out there…

1:00am     Isaac stirs. Insert pacifier and plead with the Lord to keep him asleep.

2:00am     Realize prayer was answered as Ike is now really awake and yelling asking                       to be fed, back to sleep by 2:30. But while nursing I think of all the details of                     the day ahead of me, then, make myself stop thinking about all the details                         so that I’ll be able to go back to sleep.

5:30am      Isaac waking yet again. Try the pacifier because for goodness sake why                              would he need to ever eat again in his life?… Finally compute the math                              right and realize it has been 3hrs and the poor child is starving. Back to                            sleep by 6:15, after realizing I forgot to put the diapers in the dryer last                                night, without them I have no diapers tomorrow. Concede to the thought of                      using a disposable… fall asleep… oh wait!

6:30am      Because I’m not quite asleep yet, I hear Jameson begin to cry. God is the                            only one who knows why. Elbow David, “Jameson is crying.” (He has                                 night Jaymer duty since Ike has arrived.)  I lie in an uncomfortable                                      position, eagerly awaiting husband’s return and newsflash on why                                     Jameson is awake. Realize at 7:05 that hubby is not returning. Get in                                comfortable sleeping position to lightly dream for 20min before alarm goes                      off at 7:30.

7:40          Drag myself out of bed and immediately search for hubby. Found. In bed                            with Jameson. Wake hubby. Put diapers in dryer. Get ready while boys                              sleep. Pull out pancakes from freezer and load blender with smoothie                                  ingredients.

8:00         Start blender, got to wake Jamesy anyways, and pull out pancakes. Hubby                        and I enjoy smoothies in the quiet. Smile at eachother and pretend we are                          newly married, up early to go snowboarding…. Thought bubble popped with                    the realization that we have two boys to get out the door in 20min. (BTW we                    have to do all of this time coordinating because we have one car and in order                    for me to run errands I must take Hubby to work first)

8:10        Wake J, as I’m waking J I hear Isaac waking… this is not unusual since my                    boys have a sick sixth sense about waking at the same time, whether within                    earshot or not… it’s a lovely trick they’ve mastered… along with                                            simultaneously needing to be fed or changed or pretty much anything.

8:20        Hubby has served up breakfast to J whilst I serve up breakfast to Ike. Both                         boys are newly diapered and dressed… gonna ignore Jameson’s bedhead                           though. Isaac fuddles through nursing, putting us past ETD, but hubby is                        making up for it, filling the diaper bag, bringing me my shoes….ect.

8:35         Ike is done! Mad dash to get everyone out the door ensues. Realize once I’m                      downstairs that I forgot to brush my teeth or put on deodorant… se la vie…

9:07         Not bad, hubby is only 7min late. Kisses and hugs. Off to Meijer for                                    groceries. Baby boy in Moby, Toddler boy in cart. Grocery shopping with                            Two, take 1, action!

10:20       Groceries shopped! Forgot to get ginger. Boys were excellent. Only concern is                   that Jameson opened a box of fruit snacks and then asked to have one… and                   I let him… future trauma? maybe so, but I’ll fight that battle then… I was                           asked about Ike’s age only 64 times and only had to stop and small talk 9                          grandma’s about the “darling” boys. Oh! Another encouragement, at the                            checkstand. Checker Lady: “Oh, I wish my boys were that small again!” Me,                    bitter-mom: “Oh, well if that was true you would be missing out on a lot of                        sleep, you don’t want to go back to that!” Cheery Checker Lady: “Oh, both of                      my babies slept through the night from the beginning!” Doubtful-bitter-mom-                  me: “No way!?!” Not-necessary-bagger-lady: “Oh yes, mine too!” I think I                          may just stop shopping at Meijer altogether because of this single                                       conversation…. But overall, I’m feeling like SuperMom as we head over to                         Sam’s Club…. although I can hear the making of a dirty diaper coming from                      the toddler…

10:40     Arrive at Sam’s, after getting gas, and find the most excellent parking spot,                       now thinking, “I really am SuperMom.” Well, pride comes before the fall,                           friends!

I begin nursing Isaac, knowing that he can’t make the shopping in Sam’s without it and I’d rather nurse in the comfort of the car… This is J’s first time having to wait in the car for me to feed Ike, I’m sure it won’t  be his last, but I’m curious to discover how he’ll behave. First, he’s fine. Radio on. Windows cracked. People to watch. But, inevitably, he gets restless. Ike is fuddlng some more. To prevent craziness I offer the sole toy I can reach on the floorboard of the backseat without flashing passersby. Toy rejected. Okay, plan Z. Plan Z is always last resort, but today, last resort came quickly. “Want a sucker?” “Sucker!” Sucker not rejected. Silence. Victory. SuperMom. I then go to burp Ike and I discover the reason for all of the fuddling. The yellow reason. All over my pants, his pants and now my hand. Blow out city. All of the hot air in my ballon is sucked out, assuming that I have no change of clothes because I lent them out on Sunday to another mom who had no change for her blowout-boy. Dear dear, fret, decision to be made… I’m going home. SuperMom no more. Unprepared-disaster. Lest us not forget Jameosn’s already full diaper…. So, defeated, I guess I’ll change him and he can ride home nakey. Go to travel wipe container and discover only one wipe. Definitely going home. Sheesh. Then,  Back-Up Outfit discovered! New hot air! New hope! Revived and revitalized… (just like my hair, according to the Pantene commercials)… We can do this, now!

11:00        Finish nursing Ike, after a passenger seat diaper change with only one wipe,                    and one more sucker is necessary to quiet the ravenous sugar lover in the                          back, I’m still SuperMom.

11:15          Get Ike Moby-ed up and head inside and straight to the bathroom to change                     J, which should be interesting since I have no wipes remaining. To make                         things even more interesting, Sam’s bathrooms have no paper towels and I                       discover J’s diaper is close enough to blowout. Isaac is now crying                                       because he is tired… encouragement again, can’t get enough of this stuff,                          the lady washing her hands declares, “You could use an extra set of hands!”                      as she walks out… Nice. Helpful, anyone? I finish the toilet paper diaper                            change, wash my hands thoroughly and head to the food court because                            dang it I deserve some sweet tea at this point in the game… caffiene for the                         droopy eyelids and sweetness for the dropping attitude with the blood sugar                     levels.

11:40        After standing in line for 10mins, staring at the yummo pizzas in the                                   window, the cashier informs me that they do not accept Visa credit cards,                         only Visa debit cards… this is good to know here and not in the checkout                           line in front of 20people with a cart full. So, we head to the car to get cash. At                   this point Jameson loses it because he thought he was getting pizza. I hear                       an encouraging “Someone’s tired” from the lady behind me as he ignores my                   promises of a return. I really need that sweet tea now… and pizza.

11:45        We indulge. Sweet Tea and Pizza. J is mad I won’t let him sit with me on the                   bench, he has to stay in the cart. Sweet Tea ends that argument… Am I still                        SuperMom if my kid drinks sweet tea?

12:00        We are out of there quick because our shopping list grew very short when we                     were reduced to cash only. 2 items. All of that for 2 items.

12:30        Arrive at home, unleash the toddler to fend the stairs for himself, run the                            carrier up stairs and pray that Ike doesn’t start crying in his car seat for lack                    of entertainment. Run back downstairs, toddler is trying to carry the milk.                       Largely disappointed, so I hand him the garlic powder from Sam’s. Satisfied                     he starts up the stairs, I grab the cold stuff, trying to move as quickly as                               possible because it has already been too long out of the refrigerator… hurdle                     toddler on stairs… Upon reentry, realize we forgot to take out the trash this                       morning, pheesh! Toddler arrives and wants to put garlic powder in the                              fridge. Jog back downstairs, holding chest because nursing bras were not                        made to support such an action. Two more trips of cold stuff go into the                             fridge. Fourth trip I grab last cold items and simply shut the trunk, shelf                              items can be carried up by hubby later. Coming up the stairs I am bombarded                  by the toddler throwing his soccer ball and basketball down the stairs, I make                   no attempt to retrieve them as I can hear Isaac getting worked up over                                 missing out on all the fun… Instead of getting Isaac, I herd the toddler                              inside, and strip my-only-pair-that-fit-right-now-pants because there is                            yellow poop all over the thigh and I must get stain remover on it (oh, I didn’t                    mention that I spent my entire time at Sam’s with yellow poop on my thigh, I                    must have overlooked it…)

12:45      Toddler discovers bananas recently purchased and begs… I comply, pizza                          alone is not a well rounded meal. Use the bathroom, since I’ve had to pee                          since we left the house this morning… Nurse ravishing Isaac, he is always                         ravishing…

1:10          Change J’s second poopy diaper and put him down to nap, where does so                           much poop come from? only the Lord knows…

Moments after J is down there is a knock at the door… what? someone looking for SuperMom? It’s the neighbor; I call, “Just a minute” as I retrieve a pair of pants. She has brought up my diaper bag, Sweet Tea and Moby that I had left on the top of the car. Sweet sweet Jerilyn. I get to unleash the events of my day, much like I’ve just done and breath for the first time in what seems like hours.

Bless your heart if you read all of this. I didn’t want to leave anything out. You are permitted to discontinue visiting my blog should you see fit. All three of you. Minus the  stalkers.