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So after surviving recuperating after the birth of boys, my good friend, Blythe, and I were able to get all four guys together for a playdate. You may recall that both Blythe’s boys are only weeks older than my two boys, so we really enjoy comparing notes and personalities when it comes to mothering these sons. I can’t wait for future fun and stories to share as this next set of “men-of-God-to-be’s” grows and matures.

Too bad I wasn't holding the camera since they're all looking at me!

Kentucky is good for growing more than blue grass and horses…

Check out these ice-cycles! They keep growing and then falling off about once a week these days, but we’ve found that knocking them down is the most fun.

Bigger than James!

We made sure no one was down below...

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Jameson has really been cracking us up lately. I had predicted that our trip to Cali would really boost his vocabulary and with the onset of two and three word phrases right before we went, we have not been disappointed! Some favs are, “Awww, Man!” and “Sah-dy” (Sorry) because they are used at such unpredictable moments.

A little bit ago Jameson got his first scratch on his head and now that a scab has formed he is obsessed with it. Any head bump he receives leads to rubbing the said scab and saying, “ow-boo.”

He also has developed quite the opinion about my hair style! My hair has reached the length where it falls about 3in below my shoulders, right into his cuddle zone and he is not happy about it! When he goes to cuddle if my hair is there he says, “Ow!” or “Oh no, back!” and will not be satisfied until I put it behind my shoulders… too funny.

So far he’s proven to be a baby lover as well, starting with our neighbor’s new lil one, who is now 5mos. When we were in Cali he was able to spend some good time with his newest cousin, Elli, and every time her saw her he would promptly say, “I hold?” and knowing that he had to sit down, he would plop his little bottom down immediately, showering her with kisses…

He has also started a little more pretend play with the cars he received for christmas as well as a few Pooh figurines. He loves to build “high tows” which are high towers will his blocks…

On Wednesday  I was pretty much knocked out with a painful head cold (since I can’t take anything) and David took over J for the day. I could hear them laughing and playing all morning in and out of my napping. I woke up after J was down for his nap and I retired early in the evening, leaving David to fend for them. Again on Thursday I was not 100%, but better thanks to rest, so David led the way again, with me at least following behind, and Jameson pretty much wanted nothing to do with me! He wanted his Daddy to do everything with him! This is huge here in our house, being that J has been a real momma’s boy as of lately. Matter of fact, he’s never really been a huge daddy fan… I mean daddy has been acceptable, but never first choice. So you can imagine my unbelief when I tried to follow him to the potty yesterday and he exclaimed, “No, Dada!”

With his new imagination and maturity have come some trying times of disciplining and training our little future man. It can easily drain me to be consistent with him when he is having a particularly defiant afternoon or morning… We trust in the Lord that we will see the fruit of our labors in a year or two, but for now some days I am constantly questioning whether or not Jameson has gone deaf over night! He has his opinions and his likes and dislikes, but mostly he’s a little sinner who does not want to do whatever mom and dad tell him to do! His sweet disposition and cuddly demeanor still give us reason to smile and laugh at him regularly though.

All the more reason to be excited to be welcoming another boy here soon! We are overjoyed that God has given us yet another gift and opportunity to glorify Him in the bearing and raising of children! What a joyous sanctifying process it has been…

Did you know that Jameson loves smoothies?


I have been wanting to take Jameson to this balloon festival since he was in utero and last year we were in Cali…. so this year was the year! After raining all week I was a little worried that the whole thing would just be cancelled this year. But alas! a break in the raining, though not in the clouds, allowed the balloon glow to continue! Here are a few of J’s first encounter with the big balloons!








Two years ago.


and David did a fine job blogging about the day’s events, so just check it out there,

I tend to have very vivid and strange dreams when I am pregnant. I have had quite a few funny ones this time a round, but last night’s dream was the craziest. 

I went to the doctor (even thought this time around we’re using a midwife) and he said that we needed to do an emergency c-section immediately. Totally taken by surprise, I consented without even calling David!  So the surgery takes place, and it was so detailed it was as if I had really had one before… too many “A baby Story” shows for me… So, the baby is born, totally fine, a girl and looking like David. (every other pregnancy dream I’ve had this time around the baby has been a boy, so this was also new) Then it hits me, I’m only 18wks prego! There is no way the baby would have survived if it was born then, and like immediately, the baby shrinks into the palm of my hand and dies! Unbelievable! So, now I’m mad and I’m asking everyone why I had to have the emergency c-section and no one can tell me why. I find the doctor and he tells me this; The baby somehow had gotten out of my uterus and was floating around in my intestines. It was all tangled up and that is what was causing my heartburn and gas pains…

So, yeah, totally strange. Just thought I’d share the adventures of my nighttime rest with you all!

There really is so much to say and post pictures of about our trip, but I have decided to put the house back into some sort of order before I attack our pile of pictures. So, stay in touch but it may be a couple of days!