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We scooped up the boys and headed out to Taylorsville Lake this weekend for a picnic dinner and adventures with our friends, the Clarks. Before we even reached the front gate we stumbled upon this gorgeous wild patch of daffodils… and I am married to a photographer… so, we stopped. Check out some more of his stuff here.

Isaac waited in the car… he wanted to drive… The parking lot closest to the daffodils was actually the lot where all of the horse owners can come and park their trailers and take their horses out on the trails. We happened to get to see some as they were coming back from a ride. This was Jameson’s first up close experience with a horse, and he wasn’t really impressed since all it did was “eat eat eat” the grass. That is, until the horse showed some interest in him…..

Then we headed down to the water front to enjoy our picnic dinner. We were entertained by Jameson picking up rocks that were far too big for him and when he tried to throw them he would almost topple over.

… but not really happy about it! Yes, the bright window keeps me intrigued for about 2min. An occasional word from momma soothes for about a second. But mainly, lying around is no fun….

With the temps finally hitting 60 today, we celebrated by taking one of our beloved country drives. Country drives are a great way to spend bright sunny afternoons and David and I really enjoy taking them when the toddler is overwhelming, we need some semi-alone time or we just need a change of scenery. We haven’t been on one in soooo long it felt great to get out with our picnic dinner and explore! While the regular crew, David, J and myself, were thoroughly loving our drive, Isaac decided that he was not so much a fan of these excursions, alerting us with a sudden shriek-like cry and following with a steady unhappiness.We pulled of a country road, on to a vacant for sale “lot”… of 39 acres… with a creek running though it… pasture land and woods… Perfect at sunset.

Dear Isaac, You gots ta learn, bub. This is non-negotiable. We will not give up our beloved country drives. We may stop and take you out and walk you around and nurse you and change your dipe and rock you and put you back into your carseat…. but we will not give them up.

Today I have successfully stripped both the convertible carseat and the stroller of their covers, belts and all. I have the urge to clean them before we go to Cali and I’m contemplating stripping the carrier baby carseat as well… the only thing stopping me is the fact that I already cleaned it before I put it in storage, how dirty could it get in a trash bag? If these particular urges are not part of nesting, I don’t know what is.

Yes, the Evil Days of pregnancy have started. The Bible talks about the Evil Days of life, the final last years of your life when your body stops working for you and all there is to look forward to is the end.

The eighth month of pregnancy starts the Evil Days. Mind you, I am still very comfortable, positive and enjoying this pre-two-babies time. But my body is in fact beginning to not work for me. That is the main reason I chose the task of the carseat and stroller cleaning today, I know that even in just a few weeks I will not have the endurance or patience to work with complicated belt systems and the flipping over of large items.

My ankles have started to slightly swell. Sleep evades me. Simple words slip my mind. My emotional state goes from jovial to rage in seconds. My belly is not too cumbersome… yet… Naps are a must. 8-10weeks to go!

Is that all? I’m having way too much fun with my adorable, babbling, ever growing 21mo-old…

Whenever someone asks that question, “If you could have one super-human power, what would it be?” I always enjoy thinking about what it would be like to have super power. There are a few super-human powers that may seem unconventional to most, but to us moms the following Super Hero-Mom power would be most essential for our daily lives. I’ll add more to the list, but today this one is on my mind.

The ability to take one look at the dishes in the sink and know exactly what order and alignment to place each dish into the dishwasher in order that the dishwasher holds all of the dishes perfectly.


Forts! There is so much to teach your first child! Not that his own imagination will not one day take off on its own… but we sure do enjoy helping the process along. Here was his first lesson in fort building!


#1 Rule: No standing up!

#1 Rule: No standing up!


So, it’s Tuesday again… Kroger doesn’t have any big specials on stuff we buy so I guess that is not going to effect the shopping list much this week. I was able to stock up on frozen veggies and potatoes last week, and we’re still definitely eating meat from our “cow” that filled our freezer  couple of week’s ago…

I’d say that last week went well. We ate at home every meal that was planned other than Sunday, when we went out for a friend’s birthday dinner that we had not necessarily planned for. We had guests for dinner twice, ugh, I feel like I’m still doing the dishes but I would never stop having dinner friends on account of dishes… if ever gets to that point we’ll use paper and plastic. And, since we went out one extra night and I did a sort of useupleftoversspurofthemomentidea type dinner tonight, we still have everything we need to have the whole roasted chicken and beef spinach curry dishes this week for dinners. We also tried some Banana, Blueberry and PB smoothies this morning for breakfast because my bananas are ripening far sooner than I thought they would. 

Since I am doing my shopping tomorrow and not much is on sale at Kroger, I will probably shop with a little more lean towards my recipe choices instead of the deals directing the recipe choices. With that said, and knowing what’s in our pantry and freezer, here’s this week’s line-up.


Eggs, Toast & Bacon; Homemade EggSausageCheese McMuffin’s; Cereal and Fruit; BB&PB Smoothies; French Toast (no brainer); Oatmeal 


Left Overs, Spaghetti & Salad, Grilled Cheese & Fruit, Homemade Pizza, Anything that sounds good and can use up the leftover chicken!


Beef Spinach Curry, Whole Roasted Chicken, Chicken and Rice Soup (with my own stock from the whole chicken), Crab Cakes ($1 each at Kroger, husband says we can’t pass it up), Beef Enchiladas, Burgers, Saturday afternoon and night we have a wedding (so we’ll eat out for lunch and get a yummy wedding meal for dinner!)


Potatoes, Salad, corn, peas, green beans (did I mention this is J’s favorite side?), carrots, bread, fruit.

The dentist called some time last week to remind David of his 6mo check up and we decided that we should take the whole family. I haven’t been in years and Jameson has developed some strange dark stuff up by his gums on a few teeth… so before we go to Cali and have the grandma’s scold us for not brushing his teeth (which we do every day) we thought we’d take him in and see what the doc says! (so we would have an excuse basically)


He has shoes I promise, just like we “brush his teeth” right?


He was not so sure that he was up for errands this morning, it didn’t matter where we were going, great start to the day!


He knew which dentist was his without us even telling him!




Likewise, appropriate…. this may have been when he figured out that he was at the dentist…


Ready for action… not really, I had just disappeared behind this door moments earlier.


Even though he has a very unsure look on his face, he was smiling and showing his teeth in no time. The dentist says that what he has is just normal “staining” that can’t be brushed off. (he said we could try with some kid toothpaste he gave us, but that it was nothing to worry about) It must be all those berries Jamesy devours or something…