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As you can imagine, staying home all day, every day, in pretty much one room of the house for four days straight can make one a little stir crazy. I think we’ve faired well thus far! Here are a few pics of our happenings… mostly cars and tunnels and blocks and more tunnels and more cars and reading books and doing school… yes, school. We started a preschool routine with Jameson this week. It involves small activities each day that require maybe 30min-1hr of actual task oriented stuff. I’ll post more about it later…

Helping cut out green things from magazines... yes we need child safe scissors, but until then I just watch him like a hawk!

Isaac's not doing school, but he watches with intensity!

Scoot over, Jameson!

That's much better...

Jameson insists on having Isaac IN the tent... this is as far as I let him go...

Okay, this is for all you parents of two-yr-olds… What are some of your secret weapons for keeping your toddler at the dinner table, reasonably quiet and occupied? We learned tonight that edemame is perfect for the job! I over cooked these an extra minute or two so that they were easily accessible and Jameson did the rest! AND since I’m no longer changing his diapers he can have as many as he wants!

Such concentration!

Look at those fine motor skills at work!





Our church here in Louisville, Immanuel Baptist, hosted a concert in Shelby Park this last Saturday. It included free burgers, chips and drinks to anyone who came, with the hope that many from the neighborhood would show up. The concert featured church member Marcus G, a.k.a. the Christian rap artist Flame. Flame was nominated for a grammy last year, so as you can imagine, he has some pretty great God-given talent. David and I were wondering if someone from church was also going to preach after, or before the music, or something, but Flame laid out the entire Gospel several times throughout the evening. We were mighty impressed to say the least. Thanks again to Flame for sharing with all of us and we pray that anyone who heard the Truth would seek more understanding at Immanuel.

Our good neighbor friends, the Conns, joined in our evening of fun.

Jin and Ethan really enjoyed Ethan’s dance moves… J calls all asian people “E-tan”

Here Benjamin is showing us how much he enjoyed his ketchup… and burger…

The following pictures encapsulate how two-yr-olds play corn hole. Corn Hole is a very popular yard game here in the midwest. You are supposed to throw the bags full of corn into the hole of the board about 20ft away from you. You get points for different things yada yada… But this is how a handful of toddlers play!

And of course, we had to get some park time in… B is probably J’s best lil friend these days. Mostly because they live right across the hall from one another… and B’s parents are pretty cool too, we get along so well…

Then we spent a little bit of time at the splash zone part of the park… I know, this park is pretty great. It was a little chilly for J to really get wet, but we let him run around in his skivvies just enough to help him realize it was too chilly to get really wet… he was satisfied!

We had a nightcap over at our friend Aaron M.’s house, and Koshack (sp?) knew how to treat his smallest guests. This is J with his other lil buddy Isaiah enjoying their OWN ice peem comes!

We took the family down to the Balloon Glow at Waterfront Park right on the Ohio river. This balloon glow is not to be mistaken for the one that we go to every fall, this one is part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. It is much smaller but we still had a great time!

Isaac loves him some momma… he stayed awake for about 10min, then decided that he was too cool for the whole deal and passed out.

Jameson loved the “big bigs” as he called them and pulled our fingers around the entire lot of thirteen balloons. The Brainard’s enjoyed the fun with us as well. Sweet Hannah put up with it all, even though it was past her bedtime!

Our lovely Louisville and all the fun! This was taken over on the Indiana side, which is something david does regularly since it’s so easy to hop on over!

Cheesy Big Bro

Easter Boys

Love my boys!

And then somebody didn’t want his picture taken…

… and he’s outta here folks! Ultimate pouty face, huh? We treat him so unjustly!

I love love love keeping many of the Old Testament ceremonies fresh on my mind by observing God-given specialties like the Passover. This was our second Passover dinner in KY and while spending it with the Marshmans last year was great, it was even greater this year to share it with our son! Like all of the Old Testament feasts, Passover teaches us so much about Christ; why He came, how to love Him better, how great it will be when He returns!, ect. Including Jameson in our feast really exemplified the purpose of the feasts, to pass on the greatness of God’s history and plan for his people to the next generation! One of the greatest callings of parenthood is teaching our children about all of God’s greatness, from the beginning of time until today. I encourage all believers to delve into what some may call the mere shadows and see the light of Christ and all of God’s glory!


he wanted more "cracker" with "cheese" (Matza and horseradish)

We scooped up the boys and headed out to Taylorsville Lake this weekend for a picnic dinner and adventures with our friends, the Clarks. Before we even reached the front gate we stumbled upon this gorgeous wild patch of daffodils… and I am married to a photographer… so, we stopped. Check out some more of his stuff here.

Isaac waited in the car… he wanted to drive… The parking lot closest to the daffodils was actually the lot where all of the horse owners can come and park their trailers and take their horses out on the trails. We happened to get to see some as they were coming back from a ride. This was Jameson’s first up close experience with a horse, and he wasn’t really impressed since all it did was “eat eat eat” the grass. That is, until the horse showed some interest in him…..

Then we headed down to the water front to enjoy our picnic dinner. We were entertained by Jameson picking up rocks that were far too big for him and when he tried to throw them he would almost topple over.

With the temps finally hitting 60 today, we celebrated by taking one of our beloved country drives. Country drives are a great way to spend bright sunny afternoons and David and I really enjoy taking them when the toddler is overwhelming, we need some semi-alone time or we just need a change of scenery. We haven’t been on one in soooo long it felt great to get out with our picnic dinner and explore! While the regular crew, David, J and myself, were thoroughly loving our drive, Isaac decided that he was not so much a fan of these excursions, alerting us with a sudden shriek-like cry and following with a steady unhappiness.We pulled of a country road, on to a vacant for sale “lot”… of 39 acres… with a creek running though it… pasture land and woods… Perfect at sunset.

Dear Isaac, You gots ta learn, bub. This is non-negotiable. We will not give up our beloved country drives. We may stop and take you out and walk you around and nurse you and change your dipe and rock you and put you back into your carseat…. but we will not give them up.

We celebrated J’s big 0-2 on Sunday afternoon with some great friends of ours… unfortunately, J has/had a virus so we weren’t able to have any little buddies over…

I think Jameson would say that his little bash was a slam dunk!

J is really into guitars right now... so I made him a guitar cake!

The Newkirk-side family sent Jameson a real hoop for a gift... here he's sharing the excitement with Daddy.

He kept shooting from far away, saying, "I miss!" So the slam dunk soon became the favorite!

So here’s the cliche, yet so true, mom phrase… I can’t believe my baby boy is two!

Quick Stats (for those hoping to forego the gory details):

About 5hrs of actual labor. Went to Hospital at 12am, Ike came out kicking at 6am. He was 5#2oz. Recovery has been great!

Long Story:

After having contractions randomly throughout the day and night of Wednesday I knew that Isaac would be coming soon. Thursday I had an afternoon appt with the midwife  and I had a hunch that checking my effacement and dilation would most likely get things going full time. I even had been warning David that we were having this baby “tonight”. So as David scurried around trying to finish some projects I packed all of our bags and made sure James would be taken care of. The time for the appt came and sure enough I was getting some pretty regular, yet easy contractions as soon as we were leaving. I thought that I should walk in order to keep them coming and to help them get stronger. I was pretty anxious to meet this little guy and in my labor with J walking had really helped intensify that contractions. So, off we went, after an early dinner, to the only place you can walk to your heart’s content and still be warm here in February… The Mall. Conveniently, contractions were pretty solid at 4-6min apart and feeling like some harder work right round the time we needed to get J home for bed. We let the neighbors know that as long as things kept up that we would be leaving soon… because they were the ones taking care of J.

I decided to lie down to try and rest, and to see what the contractions would do… Well, lying down just about all together stopped them… so I thought. But a half an hour later I had probably one the longest, hardest contraction yet. It really took my breath away. They came with same intensity and duration about every 8-10min for the next hour. Here’s where being a “veteran” birther came in handy. I knew from the past that the length of my contractions and the intensity were similar to the late labor contractions I had had with J. This time around, David and I really wanted to get the hospital before it got too far along and since second births often move faster we decided to go to the hospital.

We arrived about midnight and checked in through the ER rather quickly because we were the only ones there! We settled into our room comfortably, since labor wasn’t crazy yet and we  were actually able to enjoy the whole checking-in-answer-a-thousand-annoying-questions routine. The nurse said I was 6cm dialated. Unfortunately, Isaac had to pass a non-stress-test before they would let me labor in peace… the same test that he was so reluctant to pass just the afternoon before for the midwife. So we sat in the bed. For almost 2hrs. Contractions nearly stopped altogether. Then our midwife arrived and set us free! She knew I could get things going again and Ike would come soon enough after that… and she checked me again, getting him riled up enough to get a score on the test, showing us he was good to go.

So we did laps, walking around the hallway track, stopping only for contractions and the awesome night skyline view of downtown Louisville. Being the only ones there really let me concentrate and do what I had to to get contractions going again. About four laps in I was ready to sit down, the contractions were hard and I was getting sick of passing the nurses’ station and they’re cheery faces, a sign that things were serious. After about 30min on the birth ball I was ready for the relief of the bath tub’s warm water. I was 8cm dialated. AHH! Bathtubs really are amazing relief to me in labor. I was able to rest through some really hard contractions for about an hour and I didn’t really want to get out because I knew that contractions would be even harder once I did. But alas, my water was still unbroken and I had yet to enter transition, again a veteran plus for knowing what transition was like. No pain, no gain… We decided to get out and since I was still an 8 to let the midwife break the bag of water to see if the combo of all of these things would get Isaac in ours arms sooner. It worked! And it hurt! Transition kicked in intensely and within the hour I was (wildly, painfully) pushing out the lil 5lb2oz bundle. I even felt one last kick on his way out as if to say, “See ya Momma!” (TMI?)

We’re not completely sure why Isaac was so little. The midwife just said that the placenta looked old and small, a little unhealthy, but with my taking good care of myself during pregnancy we don’t really know why. It just happens sometimes. A nurse made one comment that I appreciated, she said,”Just imagine the state this guy would have been in if his momma wasn’t healthy…”

Isaac is a champ nurser, getting better meals out here now than he had inside for a while I think. After leaving the hospital at 5lbs even, at 2wks (today) he is 6lbs8oz. Keep it up buddy! We are so excited you are out here!

J and I caught some quality time in the kitchen this weekend… what were we cooking you might ask? Well, the only recipe Jameson has memorized, down the very moment that he knows it’s okay to stick his whisk into the bowl….

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And he knows that eating what’s in the bowl is just as good as what comes out of the “hot” (oven)….

Here’s my lil’ Su Chef: