Today we set out to follow more of Jameson’s lead in potty training, spacing out our reminders to about every hour and before and after activities such as meals. He did not disappoint us! He told each of us once and the other times he simply went when asked. Today we also saw great improvement in his attitude towards going. He barely said anything all day, except towards the end of the day and probably just because it was the end of the day…

I think one of the best parts of this whole event has been the time and attention we’ve set aside to give to both of the boys… I sure am setting myself up for some attention hungry boys after David goes back to work, but we’re certainly not going to take back all of the fun we’re having.

Today we also enjoyed No Accidents!

We’re in shock really… hoping this honeymoon period does not end, though most likely it will… Keep up the great work, Buddy!