The day started with a pull-up full of poopies. We tried to get the pee to come on the potty, but it held out until we were on the kitchen floor making breakfast, easiest puddle to clean up yet! But those were the only accidents of the entire day!

We continued regular “check-ups” but we spaced them out a bit, more like 30min in between. He went a couple of the times we took him, but I’d say he equally told us just as many times that he had to go. David and I both had strange mild, maybe sinus congestion, headaches all day so we decided that we need to get out of the house and smell some fresh air! A friend suggested that a splash park would be the perfect first outing. I completely agreed! If he did in fact have an accident, 1) No one would notice in already wet shorts. 2) We’d have a change of clothes anyways!

David was most concerned that he would go in the five minutes it took to get to the park, so we first opted to go the park 1min away. Welp, the water was not turned on there and David and I both had a new urgency to get to another splash park quick-style… for all we knew we had a ticking time bomb in the backseat!

The park was packed! Jameson was set in his trunks and we were at ease. Then it started pouring rain! It is not unlikely here in KY that it be sun shiny and 85 one minute, and then pouring rain and 70 the next… but scattered thunderstorms are often quick so we waited it out. Alas, the sun came out again and we came out from under our shelter of a tree and headed to the water! Well, instead of 85 it was now 70, and the spraying water was much too cold to get drenched, so other than splash his feet in some puddles and play football with another lil boy amongst the mist, Jameson did not get wet. We were there an entire hour and a half, in and out of pouring rain multiple times, in and out of the water area and definitely chilled by some quick cold winds.

And Jameson’s trunks stayed dry!

David thought for sure that J would relinquish all that he had in the car for sure now. Needless to say, we took the fastest route home…

As soon as we got in the door we went straight to the potty. Jameson relinquished his goods. And enjoyed his raisins for prize.

Tomorrow, after we get those first few piddles out (hopefully in the potty) we’re going to remind only and follow J’s lead on when he has to go…. will it be a repeat of afternoon #1? We will see!