As you can imagine, staying home all day, every day, in pretty much one room of the house for four days straight can make one a little stir crazy. I think we’ve faired well thus far! Here are a few pics of our happenings… mostly cars and tunnels and blocks and more tunnels and more cars and reading books and doing school… yes, school. We started a preschool routine with Jameson this week. It involves small activities each day that require maybe 30min-1hr of actual task oriented stuff. I’ll post more about it later…

Helping cut out green things from magazines... yes we need child safe scissors, but until then I just watch him like a hawk!

Isaac's not doing school, but he watches with intensity!

Scoot over, Jameson!

That's much better...

Jameson insists on having Isaac IN the tent... this is as far as I let him go...

Okay, this is for all you parents of two-yr-olds… What are some of your secret weapons for keeping your toddler at the dinner table, reasonably quiet and occupied? We learned tonight that edemame is perfect for the job! I over cooked these an extra minute or two so that they were easily accessible and Jameson did the rest! AND since I’m no longer changing his diapers he can have as many as he wants!

Such concentration!

Look at those fine motor skills at work!