We woke up (early) to a full pull-up, but were not expecting otherwise. We started the every 15min plan. And. It. Worked. He peed. and peed. and peed. On one occassion, he got a little nervous while sitting there, but only because he had to poop. And he did it. In the potty.

But he wasn’t done. He finished in the undies… unders… the verdict is still out on what we’re calling them…

SO, we cleaned ’em out. Actually, David cleaned them out, bless his heart.

And it happened again once more, though in reverse order. He started in the unders… undies… but was able to stop and finish on the potty. This specific accident was also the only puddle made on the floor today!

“This is going remarkably wonderful today,” I thought to myself… “But when will he start to actually associate what he’s feeling with what he’s doing, all in enough time to stop himself and let us know that he has to go?”

Just then, (Well, not literally, but practically.) he looked at me, let out a concerned whimper combined with a anxious facial expression. I said, “Do you have to go potty?” in the most carefree, unobtrusive and loving voice I have….

He nodded in the affirmative.

This was a “hallelujah chorus playing in the background” type moment folks.

AND he woke up from his  nap in a dry pull-up.

We’re not holding our breath… but we are breathing a bit easier that maybe, just maybe, this boy will continue to use the potty continuously…