Our church here in Louisville, Immanuel Baptist, hosted a concert in Shelby Park this last Saturday. It included free burgers, chips and drinks to anyone who came, with the hope that many from the neighborhood would show up. The concert featured church member Marcus G, a.k.a. the Christian rap artist Flame. Flame was nominated for a grammy last year, so as you can imagine, he has some pretty great God-given talent. David and I were wondering if someone from church was also going to preach after, or before the music, or something, but Flame laid out the entire Gospel several times throughout the evening. We were mighty impressed to say the least. Thanks again to Flame for sharing with all of us and we pray that anyone who heard the Truth would seek more understanding at Immanuel.

Our good neighbor friends, the Conns, joined in our evening of fun.

Jin and Ethan really enjoyed Ethan’s dance moves… J calls all asian people “E-tan”

Here Benjamin is showing us how much he enjoyed his ketchup… and burger…

The following pictures encapsulate how two-yr-olds play corn hole. Corn Hole is a very popular yard game here in the midwest. You are supposed to throw the bags full of corn into the hole of the board about 20ft away from you. You get points for different things yada yada… But this is how a handful of toddlers play!

And of course, we had to get some park time in… B is probably J’s best lil friend these days. Mostly because they live right across the hall from one another… and B’s parents are pretty cool too, we get along so well…

Then we spent a little bit of time at the splash zone part of the park… I know, this park is pretty great. It was a little chilly for J to really get wet, but we let him run around in his skivvies just enough to help him realize it was too chilly to get really wet… he was satisfied!

We had a nightcap over at our friend Aaron M.’s house, and Koshack (sp?) knew how to treat his smallest guests. This is J with his other lil buddy Isaiah enjoying their OWN ice peem comes!