To all the moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, and moms-soon-to-be that are or have been in my life… I love you all and thus far, you are doing a GREAT job. Keep up the sacrificial lifestyle and serving of your families! Melinda P., Stephi N., Judy B., Kaye C., Theresa C., Nancy G., Cindy H., Judy Y., Lori M., Dori, Lacy S., Jane S., Ariel B., Kim M., Lisa W., JoAnne N., Juanita R., Julie K., Dannette S., Debbie R., Erika T., Katie B., Katie G., Christa C., Cheryl B., Cindy M., Kristy S., Linda S., Sarah L., Ana S., Sara B., Robin W., Rachel M., Carrie M., Kerry W., Keri S., Blythe D., Heidi S., JoEllen W., Kim W., Kristen H., Laura B., Laura P., Tiffany A., Joni D., Samantha B., Jessica B., Liz H., Jillian P., Stephanie M., Mary T., Sarah W., Randi T., Tawny, Jin G., Mary S., Candace, Lynn R., Tania G., Melisa G., Kelsey S., Melanie H., Erica H., Joyce B., Joyce D., Hayley C., Chelsey S., Jamie B., Jenni A., Annie B., Christina S., Janelle M., Jenny M., Lilly T., Maria L., Nicole A., Amy H., Brianna M., Kharvena M., Jeni P., Carissa, Marcella B., Dawn C., Brittany, Faith H., Janet P., Jane G….. I seriously think that is all, but I probably missed someone very obvious… forgive me and put your name in the comments section if you read this blog!