It is exciting times of learning here in the Blair house for Jameson. I forgot (and I’m not really sure how) to mention J’s very dramatic pronunciation of “more”. Moooooorrrrrreee, much closer to the sounds of a sinister laugh… too funny, maybe I’ll post a video. Since I blogged last, J has added “go” “get it- dit it” “touch-tahch”(probably from “no touch” so often hee hee) and “bath-Bah”. It is such a fun time! He is also understanding almost everything I say, and I can tell that when he doesn’t understand that every wheel in his noggin are working to try and figure it out. Dan and Kerry Wilson’s boy, Isaiah was visiting yesterday and the difference 6mos makes even at this age is so big. As we were reading an animal picture book, Isaiah tried to repeat every animal name after I said it… including animals like “chinchilla” and “parakeet”. It was so cute and I am so looking forward to seeing him grasp the english language!