We couldn’t go much longer without seeing our good friends, Blythe and Magnus! The seminary had a family fun day for the preview weekend they’re hosting so we took advantage of the free food. It was also a great reason to get together and get out in the beautiful fall weather, 60 degrees today, perfect! I love having a reason to put Jaymers in his adorable jean jacket, a gift from the Weaver’s, I could eat him up in it. His overalls are also adorable, we are borrowing them from the Marshman’s since we have just few 18mos(!) outfits, and that is with a regular paper diaper… James will never know they are “girls” overalls… The fun was held on the courtyard lawn, hence the big brick buildings. Honestly, the day could not be more gorgeous. Believe it or not we actually had a blanket as well, but who can keep newly crawling boys on a blanket when there is all that grass to explore!?! I also was the responsible mom and put Jamesy in shoes, but he quickly discarded them, I think they hindered his mobility, and they make better chew toys anyways. Speaking of chew toys, he cut his second toofer as well since we’ve been home. That’s all for today… I LOVE the fall !!!!!!


It all started with David getting Jameson ready.... "That's my jacket dad!"

It all started with David getting Jameson ready....


PS I took all of these pics, so don’t think, “David had an off day…” HA!