First of all, I thought I created a blog just for Jameson so he wouldn’t be showing up on mine all the time! Oh well. This video is not extremely entertaining and it is veeeeryyy long (5min), it’s just an update for those of you out there who are infatuated with my son (gramma stephie)… Jameson also has a new toy, which I’ll introduce another time, but for now here’s the latest, by the way, this is THE very first time he has the cup, he loves it!… Oh yeah, yes, my kitchen table is our catch-all spot and its a disaster in this video… I’d spend more time cleaning it up but, have you seen how cute my son is? I’d much rather spend the time with him… and if I was cleaning who would be making all of these videos for you folks?

…. okay, I’m gonna go clean off my kitchen table!