Yay for being married two whole years! We have had so many great things happen this past year;
Moved to KY
Started Seminary
Went FL for Christmas
Had Jameson
Visited family twice
… just to name the big ones. I am so blessed to be married to David Blair. He works so hard to love me… he says its not work, but I know the truth. With him my life is the best its ever been.

To celebrate we put Jameson down for bed and left the monitor with our neighbors. Then went to dinner at Rivue, the revolving restaurant atop the Galt House. It is probably the nicest restaurant I’ve been to, I felt like some sort of imposter. Everything was amazing. We had an exquisite crab appetizer, fabulous entrees, and a splendid dessert. All of the flavors rocked my taste buds. David thinks it was the best steak he has ever eaten and I enjoyed a seafood pasta dish, obviously that’s what I call it but it had some other much more uppity name for its fanciness and it was not someting you can get at OG. I also had some Asti Spumante in rememberance of what we served at our wedding, I think its a tradition worth keeping up, I’m going to purposely try to never be prego on an anniversary. After all of that, they had a complimentary candy cart that came around at the end, to “sweeten” the bill you might say… yum yum yum! I’m drooling thinking about it all again. The absolute best part was my date. He was so chivalrous, handsome and charming you might have thought he was a prince… but no, he was my every day husband that I picked 2 years ago.

Sorry no pics of us…