Yes, my baby takes naps. They are sweet little 45min-1 1/2hr moments throughout my day when, other than being somewhat quiet, I can pretend it’s just me in the house. Yes, I spend these moments folding baby clothes, washing baby diapers, and pumping for future baby feedings…. but meeting the needs of a three month old is demanding and I am very willing to momentarily forget about it.

Other things call out to me instead of the three month old during the naps. Yes, the dishes call out to me but they can be silenced in my own meandering pace. Yes, the dirty tub calls out to me but I can leisurely scrub a thousand circles to hush its voice. Yes, my filthy hair calls out to me but bit by bit I can massage my scalp to quiet its cries.

Naps are wonderful… but its funny because when I hear those whimpers of my arousing son, I can’t help but smile and think about how much I missed him all that time he was away in dreamland.