The day after returning home from Florida, our good friends the Rupard’s came to visit! Debbie’s family lives a short 2hr drive away in Cincinnati…. the original reason for their trek to the midwest for Christmas… But after the holiday hoopla, they were gracious enough to come a little further south and visit us. We really enjoyed their company! Since they were the first of our So Cal friends and family baseball fans to visit, they were the first to join us on a Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory tour.


This place is a pretty big deal. We learned on the tour that this is the factory where every Louisville Slugger professional bat is made. Every bat Vladimir Guerrero special orders each season is made in lil’ ‘ole Louisville….


Debbie and I are ready for our announcing debut.


The tour souvenir was a miniature bat. The tour guide was generous and even gave Jameson one… here I am playing a little ditty on my bass drum…


Here are some more shots out in front of the museum with the world’s largest Louisville Slugger!



…. and of course the world’s largest bat is accompanied by a very large mitt…..


The weather in Louisville is not the most welcoming for outdoor activities, so although the weather outside was frightful…. RISK inside, was so delightful!


David is still gloating about taking over the world…..