Sunday was another great day here in Lousiville for us Blair’s. (After of course, our stuff finally got here Saturday!)  First things first, we woke up on our oh-so-comfy bed for the first time in three months! We seriously discussed remaining there for another three hours, but decided it would be best to go about our commitments for the day. Next, we went to visit a church called 9th & O with our new friends Reggie and his wife, Bethany. They are from Mississippi and David and Reggie have class together and we got to know eachother more at the school year kick-off friday night. So, we went to 9th & O, with them. It is really BIG! The sermon was good, the service was typical. Then we went to Dr. Moore’s Sunday School class. We really felt much more comfortable there. The class size was at about 100, many of the people were at the same place in life as us, with a few people further ahead in the game than us. There was a little breakfast spread and coffee laid out. Then the class started with announcements,  which were very personal and funny, and that really made it feel more like our home church. Then there were prayer requests that were very personal as well, much like at home. Then we sang a worship song, with only one guitar leading. (the DC friends at home are seeing all of the connections.) Then we heard a great exposition of the beginning of the Book of Hebrews. Dr. Moore is the Dean of the School of Theology, which happens to be David’s school, and he really knows his stuff. This class was run by the members, Dr. Moore really only taught. It made me wonder why this group hasn’t replanted itself in another area of Louisville, or the US for that matter. They were fully equip with men leading and everyone seriously studying the Word. It was a fully equip church, within a church. So, we were really glad to find this group. We’re not sure if this is where we will stay, but we’re definately considering it.

Then, I went to my lifeguarding skills assessment at the Community Center. Everything went really well. I felt great afterwards and now I am fully updated on all of my CPR knowledge. I won’t actually start guarding until Sept. 9th. So. Good things.

BabiesRUs interview is Wednesday.

Saw Mom today, she’s doing well.

Life is Good.